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I am, among other thing, an aspiring writer, ficcer, and an administrative assistant. The writing isn't paying any bills at the moment (still working on that novel), the fic never will and the admin assistant job is a lot crazier than anyone will lead you to believe.

Most of my stories belong to Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: The Series with some brief forays into X-Men, La Femme Nikita, and Smallville. I'm fannish in quite a few more areas but don't feel myself up to writing for them. I have also been a beta for those fandoms to mixed results (you'd have to ask the people I've beta'ed for).

If you know me, it's probably from FanFiction.net which I was on for a long time until it "lost its soul," as I melodramatically put it to a friend one night. Since then I have ever so slowly been looking for and re-archiving all of my fic. According to FF.net that was somewhere over 40 fics. Like I said, it's been slow. Anyway, my most recent decision has been to haul everything over to LJ, and here it be. However after reading advice from the likes of minisinoo and others I have gone back to ff.net, so you can find my newest work (mid-2008 forward) there as well, although some stories are being update there only periodically.

In even more recent news, I was convinced by a friend to join the fanfic100 challenge not once but twice. I also joined alphabetasoup. My prompt tables and fic-lists are listed in the story index post.

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